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For Universal Use Green Bag Is A Very Meaningful Thing
Mar 09, 2017

  Pursuit of green, low carbon living environment, which is the basic norms of environmental protection. To respond positively to the "plastic limit", advocate green consumption, save energy and transport systems WoC organize workers to carry out a system-wide family bags design competitions. Activities fully embodies the "big handy little waste" concept. 

  One creative and unique, novel materials. Give full play to the ingenuity of women workers characteristics and advantages, make full use of waste materials, with the abandoned umbrella, jeans, belts, ponchos and other materials, carefully designed, cut and modified, and ultimately produce a very delicate beautiful, simple and practical green bags. 

  Second, waste utilization, far-reaching significance. Promoting the use of reusable bags is to advocate green consumption is an important measure, advocated clever use of waste materials is reflected homemade bags of green consciousness, the family set off a wave of "green consumption" to eliminate white pollution of the air, to effectively guide the family members changes in consumer attitudes, respect for nature, the pursuit of health, conservation of resources and energy. 

  From the above we can see that the rational use of waste materials produced green bags, promote green living, this is a very meaningful thing

  In order to reduce the polluction , please use the environmental products , like paper material.

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