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Difficult 2018: The Words Of Paper Mill Cutter Are Very Warm
Dec 28, 2018

CPP114-2018 is one of the best years for China's paper-making industry. When you see a paragraph posted by an employee of a paper factory in shandong province on baidu tieba, you will know how hard it is for the paper industry.


I am a shandong zibo a paper company a workshop worker, all paper industry benefit is not very good this year, as an employee, I worry about their special enterprise survival, is there any printing industry's boss, can you help us, product quality is stable, the main production wood free paper, light paper, colored offset paper, drum light paper and offset paper, thank you!


If you are willing, welcome to our factory visit, I am a workshop cut paper monitor, see the unit is so difficult, in the mind is really not the taste, but can not help, I like to paste it, right here to write these useless things, even if you can't do anything, in the mind how much more stable! If there is a boss can favor us, that is really our nature, thank you!


The paper industry today is so dramatic! Last year the flowers were still brocade, the fire was boiling oil, why did a turn around become so unbearable to see? From the situation reflected by the paper cutter, the root cause is no demand!


So where does the demand go? Was it sucked dry by real estate, or was it hollowed out by excavators?