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Customized Packaging Boxes Cause Of Yellowing Of The White Card
Dec 14, 2016

Today's commodity market is looking ahead to see the colorful packaging boxes, the product was packaged beautifully. Packaging the pursuit of artistic manifestations, art to if you do not open the packages you don't know what's inside the product. Packaging boxes for all kinds of packaging on the market, most of the cases are made of white cardboard. White paper after cutting, printing, and finishing and processing into the box with the product. But in the coated white paper boxes of yellowing phenomenon has serious impact on the external appearance of the packaging material, today we take a look at this coated Whiteboard paper yellowing phenomenon is what?

1. formation mechanism of coated Whiteboard paper yellowing phenomenon

Recent research results show that yellowing phenomenon is cardboard during storage and after sun exposure, paperboard material reacts with oxygen in the air, changing the chemical structure of the surface material, thus affecting people's Visual effects. Oxide levels determine the severity of the yellow. Oxidation process is largely due to three factors: ① heat II UV, and aim at pH values.

2. influencing factors of coated Whiteboard paper yellowing phenomenon

Oxidation catalyst and material analysis of coated Whiteboard paper, coated paper yellowing phenomenon of the factor in the following areas: coated white paperboard paper, fluorescent whitening agent, color pigments, such as coating the adhesive.

If packaged gift box made of coated Whiteboard paper above, yellowing phenomenon is likely to occur, it should pay more attention to in the process of making, to avoid this from happening.