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Current Situation And Trend Of Printing Industry
Dec 27, 2018

Current situation of China's printing industry


According to the data released by the state administration of press and publication, in 2014, there were 105,000 printing enterprises and 3.394 million employees in China, realizing the total output value of printing of 108.85 billion yuan, total industry assets of 1176.30 billion yuan, total profits of 71.42 billion yuan, and printing foreign processing trade of 86.62 billion yuan.


Current situation of global printing market


The global printing market is divided into three segments: the us, Europe and Asia each account for a third of the global printing market, according to the China print market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report. The total output value of China's printing industry jumped to the third place in the world in 2006.


The global printing market is worth $610 billion, with 32% in North America, 32% in Europe, 28% in Asia and 8% elsewhere. By 2011, however, the global printing market will be "moving east" : 28 per cent in North America, 31 per cent in Europe, 30 per cent in Asia and 11 per cent elsewhere, with a total global printing market worth $720bn.


There are two opposite trends in the European printing market: the growth rate in eastern Europe over the next five years is as high as 51%, while that in Western Europe is only 12%.


According to the chart of the top 12 printing markets in the world from 2006 to 2011, China has replaced Germany and Britain as the third largest printing market. By 2011, however, India will jump from 12th to 8th place. Another significant growth market is Indonesia, which will print $10 billion in 2011.


Trends in the printing industry


China's traditional printing industry develops rapidly but is abnormal, with low profits, serious information asymmetry, poor communication between buyers and sellers, and acquaintance transaction as the main problems. E-book presses down on the printing of books and periodicals, the wind of clean government presses down on packaging and printing, and digital printing seizes personalized printing. Our traditional printing industry has excess production capacity, and the average starting time of the whole country is only 50%. The difference between the north and the south is huge. It can be predicted that the Internet of printing industry and even manufacturing industry will be the trend of Internet! Network channel is more convenient, convenient, save resources, protect the environment, save manpower. For this, the traditional printing industry also needs to change as soon as possible.