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Craft Paper Box Printing Needs To Consider Which Problem
Dec 01, 2018

Craft Paper Box Printing Needs to Consider What Problems

Kraft paper is named for its excellent flexibility and environmental protection, and its unique appearance is very popular with the public. Many customers in the production of tea and other products when the packaging box printing will use kraft paper to do face paper, some requirements of artistic packaging will also use kraft paper. Brown paper is not suitable for printing because it has a yellow background.

For example, some similar design colors cannot be printed on, or the color is not obvious in the kraft paper box printing. Even more vivid color guide kraft paper, will also be covered with a layer of gray so that the original color can not be shown. This is also the biggest reason why packaging box printing is not used much, kraft paper packaging and printing costs what will have this situation? The original four-color ink is transparent ink, and kraft paper is color, so the color of kraft paper and four-color and superposition, equivalent to the color of kraft paper and four-color overprint together, changed the original color. Of course, the box printing factory is also a solution, is to print the place with white ink at the first, in the printing of 4 colors. But then the cost of printing would be so high that it would not pay off.

Of course, the box printing factory has a better way, is the color logo or a small amount of text can be used to burn the gold process to brown paper. This will not be covered by the color of brown paper, if it is the ink color will not affect.