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Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leather Box And Paper Box Printing
Jan 28, 2019

The earliest packaging was only for high-value products, such as jewelry and antiques. Because the value of the product itself is very high, its packaging requirements are also very high-end, and the leather box is the most common. But while more and more low-end products also need packaging, paper box printing has begun to gain popularity. Among them, the paper packaging can protect the product, and the cost is much cheaper than the leather box.

  But the advantages of the leather box are also very obvious, wear-resistant, waterproof, and the box is more firm and high-grade. Relatively speaking, paper packaging is not wear-resistant, has certain waterproof ability, and the box structure is relatively firm, but it is also relatively high-grade. This is an analysis of the overall performance of the package printing, the following analysis of the material. The main material of the leather case is leather and wood, leather and scum skin, but the price is very expensive. The main material of the carton is the paper and the gray board. The best paper is not expensive, and the gray board is the same. Finally, from the difficulty of printing the package, the leather box does not have a machine at the present stage, and all of them require an artificial package, so the production cost is relatively high. The carton can already be mass-produced with automated machines, and a small number of semi-automatic machines can be substituted, so the production cost is relatively low.

  So if you need a small number of very high-end boxes, you can choose a leather box. If it is a large-volume box, as a professional box printing factory, Hongcai recommends choosing a paper box. Although the parameters of the leather case exceed the paper box, it is not suitable for mass production. If you need to print the box, please contact Hongcai Printing.