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China And The United States Trade Temporary Reconciliation, Paper Industry Or Welcome Breathing Space
Dec 12, 2018

China and the United States have reached consensus on economic and trade issues, decided to stop escalating tariffs and other trade restrictions and lift the tariffs that have been imposed since the beginning of this year to bring bilateral economic and trade relations back to normal as soon as possible. To be immersed in to rise in price agitation paper course of study, injected a shot of cardiac stimulant undoubtedly.

Since June this year, the United States has issued a list of goods that impose tariffs on China, including sanitary napkins, diapers, pulp, household paper and paper products worth 200 billion us dollars. The tariff rate has been raised from 10 percent to 25 percent. However, the trade war between China and the United States has a great impact on the export processing industry in the southeast coastal region. It has not only severely reduced profits, but also become increasingly difficult to operate. Paper and packaging and printing and other upstream and downstream enterprises have also been affected, as a result of the passive contraction of orders, resulting in serious overcapacity, business risks intensified. The suspension of the war between the two sides, to give a relatively clear expectation of the future, is undoubtedly of positive significance.

Of course, how paper prices will evolve in the future, we do not know. We should treat this change with a normal heart. After all, no substantive agreement has been reached on tariff suspension between China and the United States, and new possibilities cannot be ruled out in the future.

No matter how the paper industry develops in the future, it is a big challenge for enterprises and manufacturers. Facing this situation, enterprises should not only adjust their business strategies, but also develop new product categories through technological research and development and technological innovation. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, they can seek cooperation with large manufacturers, give play to their advantages, and try to overcome difficulties. Of course, small make up here say more one-sided, specific how, or according to the market situation to do a good job.

Future paper prices, it is difficult to know exactly is to go up to still drop, but for now, we can actively participate in domestic some large paper exhibition of life, quick understanding of the industry dynamics, also with local investors, suppliers, distributors, discusses the future development, make enterprise in the confusion, usher in a new light.

In the middle of next year on May 17, 2019 (zhengzhou) household paper and hygiene products exhibition, to create the largest household paper and hygiene products exhibition platform, for various enterprises to provide a communication and explore new product new technology, grasp market trends, develops the market opportunity, crack development problem of channels, and let the future road of industry, broad becomes clear.