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Changes In Traditional Packaging Box Design
Dec 14, 2016

Packaging gift box design style different, design forms, from original simple of folk national packaging to fashion avant-garde of modern creative packaging, from style frugal of traditional packaging to style gorgeous, even luxury excessive of packaging and so on. even is also of liquor wine bottle packaging style, also can design into rough vigorous or delicate soft of poles of style. all kinds of packaging are can has size, and length, and width of different design, to Yu people from free select, to led to has packaging popular tendencies of not determine, and not clear.

Gift box shape, traditional packaging methods and attitudes has also been a challenge and impact, just look at the wine packaging, from the appearance, or the entire package, or transparent, or half the half mask, or complicated, or simple or extensive, or narrow, or layers, or a mixed disorder with a strong sense of individuality and diversity.