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Cartons Up To 2 Yuan/kg
Jan 10, 2019

The waste paper board, which used to cost 1.2 yuan a kilogram, now costs 2 yuan a kilogram. A few days ago, live in the city of yueqing, zhejiang province, qingyuan district of the first district of the citizens of Ms. Li while cleaning up the waste paper board at home while told reporters.

Ms. Li has always been in the habit of accumulating waste paper boards to sell money. In the past, the waste paper boards downstairs and beside the garbage can were often piled up there for a long time before anyone cleaned them up. From the end of last year, the price of recycling paper, paper board suddenly doubled, become very popular. Ms zhao also said: "my waste cardboard box just put in the door, the sanitation workers asked me to do not want."

The rise in the price of recycled paper has led to a boom in scrap buying. "Now the waste paper market is good, our income has also improved a lot." A vendor engaged in waste paper to buy more than 10 years, told reporters he one day an average of about 500 kg of waste paper, "good quality wastebasket, I is 2 yuan per kg price from citizens to buy, and then to waste collection sold at 2.2 2.8 yuan/kg, recovery after prices, quantity also follow up more, hope the market can continue to be so good."

The user cost rises, but raises the price

The price of waste paper has gone up, and the price of finished paper has naturally gone up. "The domestic market of waste paper recycling from the beginning of the year to now the cumulative price rise of 20%, the rise is fierce. A person in charge of the packaging plant said on condition of anonymity. In a certain e-commerce website do stationery business ms yao told reporters, carton prices, let her cost increased a lot.

Ms. Yao introduced that the price of cartons began to rise in the second half of last year. The price of small packaging boxes has increased from about 1.5 yuan to 2 yuan per box now, and the cost of large packing boxes and hoarded boxes is about 1,200 yuan higher than before every month. "Cartons are really too expensive, up 30% from last year. I have to raise the price of stationery." "She said sadly.

"I have never seen such a high price for paper in all these years. It only took me half a year to see the price soar to about 3,300 yuan per ton for waste paper and 1,500 yuan for scrap iron." Zhao xianwei, the head of yueqing shuangyan renewable resources co., ltd. revealed that the reason for the surge in waste paper, in addition to the increase in paper demand, but also including the tight supply of pulp goods, China has strengthened the management of imported waste paper and environmental protection efforts. From the perspective of demand, the rapid development of new business forms such as express delivery and take-out is also pushing up the recycling price of waste paper board. Almost every online shopping peak will make the demand for cartons increase sharply.