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Bags Making And Materials Are Those
Mar 09, 2017

    1 . For general dry goods, recommend the use of the nation's waste or waste in Europe , according to the A or B grade linerboard technical indicators to control the production of paper . Surface layer can be noodles, vermicelli or may not , depending on whether or not to print complex graphics and advertising. Quantification of the sheet 135 to 150 g can / m2.. 25 * 20 * 15cm bag withstand the weight of up to 8 to 15 kg .


    2 . The need to withstand moisture in certain goods , paper can be used, . Only on the basis of the above criteria , a wet strength agent added 0.5 to 1.0% , wet strength of 10 to 15% of the dry strength can.


    3 . For meat or other wet , can be chosen the same shopping bag full of paper manufacturing . This needs to be added or coated with environmentally friendly anti- oil and paper pulp in the process . Can also be used on the surface strength kraft paperboard good secondary spray water-soluble or degradable resins.


    4 . In recent years, many domestic manufacturers, has developed the full paper folder tendons paper . That is, in papermaking , the principle of combination between the two layers added to the slurry water-soluble textile yarn, the colors of the paper layer of Kraft paper can meet the strength of four , can completely replace the ordinary cement bag paper . Similarly , single paper can be used on shopping bags.


    5. These products are safe and environmentally friendly .