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Bags Make Life Everywhere Environmental
Feb 20, 2017

Details of life, everywhere can and environmental protection. On people's lives, the moment everything thoroughly to achieve environmental protection is unlikely, but we should try to start from every little thing. If each person every day we do a little bit of work for environmental protection, environmental consciousness will continue to be strengthened, environmental habits will continue the integration into our lives. 

For each of us lives, the environmental protection are among some of the details, in our usual life, environmentally friendly than many of us feel a lot simpler. 

How simple? From the beginning it says to eat: we now live in everywhere expectations about environmental problems. Shopping bags, portable chopsticks, disinfect dishes, these new products, in our life are everywhere. Visited a number of supermarkets, and now we find when shopping, more and more are using green bags, green ever known. "You need to bag it?" "No, I myself took the bag, put it here!" In many shopping centers, most of the city we come to shop and took out a non-woven bags from my belt bag, the items put into a bag full within. Supermarket staff said, and now people come to shop are greatly city comes bags, supermarket shopping bag sales drop a lot. Some members of the public may have forgotten to buy something with a shopping bag, bought something on the direct holding back, he do not have a plastic bag. 

I often go to the supermarket shopping hears a housewife said, beginning with the time constraints to implement this environmental regulations keep plastic bags, she is very learning habits, do not remember a day with bags, shopping after had always carrying home, and later, the people around her are in the use of bags, and gradually she also accustomed. Now pay when shopping, most people from the city took out environmental bagged items inside the package, rather than the supermarket supply bag. I heard a shopper, said she has been fitted with the bag of bags, when not only convenient to buy things, and carrying bags beautiful, I feel sassy. A drive to shopping, people say, the city put a few of his usual shopping bags in the car, every time you go to the supermarket very convenient, do not have a lot of them carrying large bags. The author found in clothing stores, many businesses would have a paper bag before clothes, and now most of them into a non-woven bags. 

In addition to the general public support for environmental protection in the use of bags, showing the wind outside civilization. Some shopping malls, hotels and gradually change their ideas. In some restaurants, restaurants, a lot of restaurants are found in the original use of disposable chopsticks, nowadays most are no longer used, and some restaurants are placed disinfect dishes, some of them are restaurants I supply dishes to customers. Some original fast food restaurants, disposable chopsticks everywhere, but now I also supply food chopsticks. In some units and companies, to protect the environment, save and clean, both do have their own cafeteria, every time you go to the cafeteria dining, workers who are native dishes, after dinner, to wash the pool look like, slightly hands can move a force for environmental protection.