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Bags Factory To Talk About How To Pay Attention To What Matters To The Customer Quotes?
Mar 04, 2017
       Make paper bags industry friends, it is estimated that the price is how paper bags. But usually not comprehensive in terms of quote. I do not know how to give the customer a quote, pay attention to what the details of the problem. The following sources from Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd. as we pointed out some of the details, we want to help you. 
       According to customer requirements, specifications, paper bag weight and color, the first good material price calculation. Then counted according to customer requirements better paper bag printing (screen printing, machine printed, thermal transfer) price, plus manual fee. Plus a reasonable profit. Is generally required to provide customers with products such as: material, size, production process, quantity ,  such as the size and cost of the actual accounting of the company is quoted + reasonable profit, the customer will usually provide a unified standard formal quotation, fill after passed by fax or e-mail client. 
        If you notice these problems, do these processes, I believe that quote to the customer paper bags, printing on a good process to go up.