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Feb 11, 2017

Get the Jump on the Holiday Shopping Season with Gift Wrapping Suppliers and Retail Packaging from Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd.

The Valentine‘s Day is coming here !Retailers are getting ready for their expected uptick in sales and traffic , which necessitates more merchandlse bags , gift and apparel boxes . Chinese Paper & Packaging suppliers retail business with a wide range of commercial paper products . Our paper products are sure to meet nearly any retailer's packaging needs .

Holiday Paper Shopping Bags for Sale 

Whether you're selling home wares , clothing ,or electronics , your retail store requires heavy-duty bags so your satisfied customers can carry their newly purchased goods home . We offer an array of durable recyclable paper bags , featuring squared bottoms for easy loading and tough twisted paper handles for easy carry .

Our bags come in a multitude of colors , from plain brown to white to citrus green -and anywhere in between . The range of size dimensions available at Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd. ensures you of finding just the right shopping bag size to fit your needs .