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Accident Occurred In Shenzhen!!!
May 21, 2018

At about 19: 10 on may 14th, 2018, a fatal accident occurred in the No.1 color painting workshop of Shenzhen huamei plate co., ltd. in tantou community of songgang street during the maintenance and cleaning of the looper roll system at the entrance, which caused one death.
According to the preliminary investigation, when the accident happened, workers Zhou youliang ( deceased ), Wang youliang and Lin youliang wiped the moving roller which swung left and right ( the machine was running ) near the entrance looper ( 1.2 meters wide and large steel coil belt conveyor ). Wang youliang heard the abnormal sound of the machine, found that Zhou youliang was involved in the entrance looper, immediately reported to the monitor, and called 120 emergency calls. after that, the medical staff on-site rescue was invalid and died.

How did the accident happen?
Employees extended their bodies into the running steel belts of the inlet looper for cleaning operations without shutting down the mechanical equipment, which led to the involvement of the bodies and led to safety accidents, which was the direct cause of the accident.
This accident fully exposed a series of safety problems, such as enterprise's neglect of safety management in maintenance operation process, inadequate risk identification, lack of effective safety monitoring in the operation site, and lack of safety awareness and knowledge of operation staff.

The specific cause of the accident is still under further investigation.