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2018 Let's Talk About The Price Of Paper
Jul 03, 2018

Paper prices after 2017 of the roller coaster, 2018 does not appear to be a sign of decline. Before the Spring Festival, a wave of small climax was finally set off, and the scope gradually expanded, has been from East China, central China region spread to north China. January 11, 2018, Hebei Province Shahe Paper Co., Ltd. announced since January 13, 2018, a class of high-strength corrugated products up to 200 yuan per ton. Why the paper price only rose not fall, it seems mainly due to environmental protection upgrades, but in fact, the United States and the prohibition of the entry is also an important factor in the price of paper prices. December 29, 2017, the National Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "import can be used as raw materials for solid waste environmental protection control Standards-waste paper and cardboard", that is, many foreign media pay attention to the problem of waste paper, "standard" clearly said: "Import waste paper should be limited to other inclusions (including wood waste, scrap metal, waste glass, waste plastic , waste rubber, waste fabric, waste adsorbent, aluminum-plastic paper composite packaging, heat-sensitive paper, asphalt moisture-proof paper, stickers, wall/wallpaper, paper, wax, paper, paper, paper, paper and other waste, the total weight should not exceed 0.5% of the weight of the imported wastepaper. "At the same time, the new standard will come into effect on March 1, 2018." At present, the new rules on waste paper has been basically determined, for domestic enterprises, the threshold from 300,000 tons to 50,000 tons, and for foreign markets, the waste paper is also finally determined as a 0.5%, there is no change. It can be seen that the state of the domestic enterprises are still considered, the threshold will be greatly reduced, but for the waste-containing ratio of attitude is very firm, there is no "mercy"! China's new waste-paper rules, the European and American waste recycling system near collapse, as long as two or three months without being shipped to Asian countries, the United States will pile up 1 million tons of waste paper. Americans are paying for their waste and high energy consumption, and when China no longer imports their foreign waste, the ability and recycling capacity of the US's local garbage disposal is simply not enough to deal with these huge "rubbish heaps". So 2018, if there is no policy intervention, paper prices will not fall in the possibility of basic.