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2018 Corrugated And Cardboard Market Overview
Dec 17, 2018

[CPP114] CPP114 - corrugated and board board is the type of paper that makes up the base of the pack. Corrugated paper is corrugated corrugated corrugated board corrugated core used as raw material paper, mainly used as corrugated board corrugated core layer (middle layer), corrugated board plays an important role in shock resistance, but also can be used as a separate fragile packaging paper. Carton board paper, also known as cow card paper, kraft card paper, veneer carton board paper, recycled carton board paper, is one of the main paper carton paper. Box board paper is mainly bonded with corrugated paper core into corrugated boxes, used for packaging household appliances, daily necessities, needle-cotton fabric, cultural supplies, Chinese and western medicine packaging. Corrugated paper and box board paper belong to the downstream products of the paper industry chain.

In 2018, China's corrugated and corrugated board market has the following characteristics: 1. Corrugated and corrugated board market price changes from cost support to demand pull; 2. Second, in the last year corrugated and carton board price increases, new projects continue to flow out of the industry, corrugated and carton board paper overall supply slightly in demand; 3. Due to the obvious impact of shrinking demand, the actual actual production capacity is far lower than the planned production capacity within this year. Some small and medium-sized paper enterprises cannot escape the pressure of high costs and the concentration degree of the industry is further improved. Fourth, raw material waste paper supply shortage, paper enterprises raw material supply has become the most difficult problem in production, the first half of the paper enterprises with external waste supply has a significant cost advantage.

From 2014 to 2018, corrugated and carton paper market is in a weak balance between supply and demand, with the overall supply slightly higher than the demand. From the perspective of supply, the market supply trend of corrugated and board paper in 2014-2018 is increasing, but slightly different. Corrugated paper in 2017 showed a slight year-on-year decline trend, box board paper in 2016 showed a year-on-year decline trend, and 2018 is expected to continue to reduce the trend. Corrugated and carton paper supply changes are mainly due to the market under the influence of the change in the rate of operation and the impact of new, eliminated projects. In 2018, the total output of major corrugated and carton paper products in China decreased compared with that in 2014. With the economic slowdown and the impact of poor business climate, 2019 corrugated and cardboard market supply and demand is expected to improve significantly.