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Which paper is suitable for tea packaging material
Dec 25, 2018

Drinking tea is a habit of people in our country. When we need gifts, tea is also a very good gift. Therefore, the gift box is very elegant in planning. Experienced Shenzhen printing manufacturers will give reasonable opinions according to the requirements of customers, the price, use and status of tea box packaging, so that the gift box produced can be both graded and tasteful. In addition, the choice of paper is equally important, because quality paper is the basis for improving product quality! So which papers are suitable for tea packaging materials? The following Hongcai printing will come to analyze for you.

       First, white paper

       The fiber structure is relatively uniform, the surface layer has filler and rubber composition and the outer surface is coated with a layer of paint. It is made by multi-roll calendering, the surface is lubricated, the thickness and flexibility are good, and the phenomenon of powder removal and hair loss is rarely produced. , has a uniform ink absorption, and the printing effect is good.

       Second, special paper

       Also known as art paper, this kind of paper is processed by special processing equipment and technology. It has rich colors and unique lines of paper, and the variety is also very rich.

       Third, coated paper

       It is coated on a base paper with a white paste and calendered. It is also divided into single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. One-sided coated paper can be coated on one side for color printing, one side is glued, and it is smashed on other cardboard. This is what we usually call fine gifts. Box making.

       Fourth, gray bottom white paper

       The color of the bottom surface is gray, the appearance is white coated surface, the ink absorption, smoothness and printing gloss are very good. The cardboard itself has good stiffness and folding resistance, which can be used directly for printing and satisfying. The requirements for tea packaging are high-quality materials for high-end gift packaging.

       Five, cattle cardboard

       It is thicker than kraft paper and can be used as cardboard. The color is generally brown. There are also white cardboard with white noodles, one side is brown and the other side is coated white. The gift box made of this kind of paper gives a more retro and environmentally friendly impression.