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What should I pay attention to when printing the color box in the common box?
Jan 17, 2019

Color boxes are the most used in many paper packaging, because of their more practical performance and very high cost performance. Most of the electronic products, daily necessities, etc. are packaged in color boxes. This is also the main reason why color box printing is valued. Let's talk about the precautions.

  The first is in the selection of materials, as a senior color box printing plant. Hongcai Printing Factory has more than 2,000 kinds of imported special papers, as well as ordinary papers such as coated paper and art paper of various brands. Special paper is a small-volume paper with special texture, special color and special gloss. It has a very nice appearance and a good feel. Special paper is usually directly stamped without printing.

The second is the process, special paper is a kind of effect that can enhance the color box printing, and the process is used to improve the ordinary paper. Of course, specialty papers are also used in a variety of processes, such as: bronzing, bumping, UV, etc. At the same time, the matching of the crafts is also very particular, and it is impossible to blindly describe only the craftsmanship. Only the matching ones complement each other to impress guests.

Finally, the box type, the good-looking box type can make people's eyes shine, and often can improve the customer's desire to purchase. With the pursuit of people's values, the trend is getting heavier and heavier. Therefore, many color box printing houses will conceive an updated box type. At the same time, the new box type will have such shortcomings, and the value and strength are difficult to have both.

  If you need color box printing, you can make your own budget through this article, in case you need it. If you have different needs, you can consult Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Factory.