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What should be paid attention to when assembling the flip box printing?
Dec 06, 2018

What should be paid attention to when assembling the flip box printing?

The gift box is divided into four types: the lid-off box , box with magnet closure , cuff box , the drawer box , filp-top box,the foldable box . Today, the main thing is the assembly in the printing of the flip box. The flip box is divided into two parts, an inner box and a leather case. The assembly is to put the two parts together. This is the last step in the printing of the lunch box, and generally not doing well is equivalent to giving up. So although this step is easier, it is also the most important step.


Assembling is to apply special glue to the joint between the inner box and the case, and then press it to stick it. Among them, the accuracy is controlled by the opposing master. After the glue is applied, the glue will not solidify immediately, so it needs to be put down and pressed with heavy objects. If the box is moved when the glue is not solidified, it is prone to misalignment, so avoid unmoving the unsolidified box during assembly. Because the flip box printing is to press the box with heavy objects to prevent the inner box from bonding to the skin is not strong enough. The last thing to note is that you can't worry about the location. Accuracy should be the first criterion.


The above analysis of the precautions of the printing and assembly of the flip-pack packaging in Bolin Printing, if you do not understand this, you can refer to the above precautions. The paper in a box is very complicated. If the previous one is done in the last step, it is equal to the front.