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What are the sheets of commonly used printing paper
Dec 26, 2018

Paper is a thin layer of material that firmly weaves plant fibers together. So in the case of paper, the basic ingredient is plant fiber. Paper is through chemical and mechanical force method of plant fiber, they interweave each other and into the reticular porous membrane layer, different USES of the paper should be based on the share common properties, each have special properties, these special qualities are by selecting plant fiber varieties or mixed with different ratio, different varieties or number of additives, the different mechanical equipment processing.

1. Offset paper (daolin paper)

Offset paper according to the proportion of pulp material is divided into special number, number 1 and number 2, there are one side and two sides, there are two levels of super calendering and ordinary calendering. The weight of paper is 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 150, 180 (g/ m2), of which the commonly used double-sided offset paper is 70, 80, 90, 100, 120(g/ m2), single-sided offset paper is 50, 60, 70, 80(g/ m2).

Offset paper scalability, ink absorption uniformity, smoothness, texture close opacity, whiteness, water resistance. Used for processing and manufacturing thin paper packaging decoration prints. Offset paper printing paper stack should not be too high, especially when the smoothness of high, large amount of ink to prevent the back of the printing to stick dirty, generally use anti-dirty agent, dusting or lining paper. Conjunctival offset printing ink and better quality lead printing ink should be selected. The viscosity of the ink should not be too high, otherwise there will be off powder, hair phenomenon.

Sheet paper specification: 787 x 1092,850 x 1168,880 x 1230 (mm x mm).

Web specification: width 787,1092,850 (mm).

USES: offset paper is mainly used for lithographic (offset) printing machines or other printing machines to print more advanced color prints, such as color pictorial, picture album, publicity picture, color printing trademark and some advanced book covers, illustrations, etc.

2, coated paper

Coated paper also known as coating paper, this paper is coated on the base paper with a layer of white pulp, after super calendering processing, made of advanced printing paper, also known as printing coating paper. High whiteness, paper fiber distribution uniformity, thickness uniformity, small scalability, good elasticity and strong water resistance and tensile properties, ink absorption and reception state is very good. Coated paper printing pressure should not be too large, to choose offset resin ink and bright ink. Want to prevent backside to stick dirty, can use add dirt-proof agent, gush powder to wait for a method.

Coated paper has single, double - sided two categories. Weight: 70,80,100,105,115,120,128,150,157,180,200,210,240,250 (g/ m2); Among them: 105,115,128,157 (g/ m2) imported paper has more specifications.

Sheet paper specification: 648 * 953,787 * 970,787 * 1092 (currently there is no web paper in China). 889 x 1194 is the specification of imported coated paper.

Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture books, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks.

3. White paper

White plate paper is a kind of outer packaging paper, used for printing various trademarks and packaging cartons. Its weight is 220,240,250,280,300,350,400 (g/m2). Sheet paper specification: 787 * 787,787 * 1092,1092 * 1092(mm * mm).

White board paper is composed of pulp and flour pulp, flour pulp is white, pulp is generally the raw material. White plate paper according to the paper surface divided into flour white plate and ordinary white plate two categories. According to the bottom classification there are two kinds of gray and white. Quality requirements of white paper: white, smooth, consistent thickness, quality dungeon, not off powder off hair, and uniform ink absorption performance, stretch and shrink, toughness, bending when not broken.

Mainly used for printing packaging boxes and goods decoration lining paper. In book binding, used for binding materials such as inside cover of simple hardcover books and diameter paper (ridges) in hardcover books.

4. Embossed paper

Embossed paper is the main paper used for embossing books and magazines. Relief paper according to the paper material composition ratio, can be divided into no. 1, no. 2, no. 3 and no. 4 four levels. The number of paper represents the quality of paper, the larger the number of paper is the worse. Paper weight :(49 ~ 60) + / - 2 (g/m2); Sheet paper specification: 787 x 1092,850 x 1168,880 x 1230 (mm x mm); Web specification: width 787,1092,1575 (mm) and some special size specifications of paper.

Letterpress paper is mainly used for letterpress printing. The characteristics of this paper are similar to, but not identical to, newsprint. Due to the ratio of pulp and pulp tapping are better than newsprint, embossed paper fiber tissue is more uniform, at the same time, the gap between the fibers and a certain amount of filler and glue filling, and bleaching treatment, which formed this paper has a good adaptability to printing. Slightly different from newsprint, its ink absorption is not as good as newsprint, but it has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption; Water resistance and whiteness of paper are better than newsprint.

Embossed paper has a uniform texture, no pilling, slightly elastic, opaque, slightly water resistance, a certain mechanical strength and other characteristics.

Suitable for important works, science and technology books, academic journals, college textbooks and other text paper.

5. Newsprint

Newsprint, also known as newsprint, is the main paper used in newspapers and books. Newsprint features: paper loose light, rich in good flexibility; Ink absorption performance is good, which ensures that the ink can be more firmly fixed on the paper; After calendering the paper both sides are smooth, no fuzz, so that the two sides of the imprint is relatively clear and full; Has a certain mechanical strength; Good opacity; Suitable for high speed rotary printing. Its weight is: (49 ~ 52) + 2 (g/m2), flat paper: 787 * 1092,850 * 1168,880 * 1230 (mm * mm), web paper: width 787,1092,1575 (mm).

This kind of paper is made from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp). It contains a lot of lignin and other magazines. It is not suitable for long-term storage. Storage time is too long, paper will become yellow brittle, poor water resistance, not suitable for writing. Must use printing ink or book ink, ink viscosity is not too high, lithographic printing must strictly control the water layout.

Suitable for newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips and other text paper.

6, embossed paper

Embossed paper is a special production of a paper cover decoration. There is a faint pattern on the surface of the paper. Color is divided into gray, green, beige and pink and other colors, generally used to print monochrome cover. Embossed paper crisp, binding when the spine is easy to break. When printing, the paper curvature is large, the paper is difficult to enter, affecting the printing efficiency.

Dictionary paper

Dictionary paper is a kind of advanced thin paper for books and periodicals. The paper is thin, tough and folding resistant. The paper surface is white and fine. Mainly used for printing dictionaries, dictionaries, manuals, classic books and more pages, easy to carry books. Dictionary paper has a high demand on the pressure and ink color in the printing process, so special attention must be paid to the printing process.

8. Kraft paper

Kraft paper has a high tension, single light, double light, stripes, no grain and so on. It is mainly used for wrapping paper, envelope, paper bag and drum lining of printing machine.

9. Other paper

The fine white and smooth texture of the painted newspaper is used for printing pictorial, picture album and propaganda picture, etc.

Paper, also known as vellum, is the paper used to print book covers. Paper is made of pigment, gray, blue, beige and other colors.

Rough edge paper paper thin and soft, light yellow, no water resistance, better ink absorption. Rough edge paper is only suitable for single-sided printing, mainly for ancient books.

Writing paper is a piece of paper for ink writing. Writing paper is mainly used for printing exercise books, diaries, forms and account books. Writing paper is divided into special, no. 1, no. 2, no. 3 and no. 4.

Typist paper is a thin page of paper, paper thin and flexible, typing requirements do not perforate holes, with a hard pen when copying will not be nib cut. Mainly used for printing documents, forms and multi-copy vouchers. Used in books as a spacer and as a printing wrapper. Typing paper is white, yellow, red, blue, green and so on.

Youfeng paper is used for printing all kinds of carbon copies and packaging paper.

Photocopier paper is thin and flexible, suitable for printing multiple copy this volume; Used in book binding to protect art works and play an aesthetic role.