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Types of jewelry boxes
Jan 11, 2019

1. Paper jewelry box

At present the paper box on market is made with board board commonly, outside wrap fills vellum, fill vellum to be had better by foreign entrance commonly. These boxes are relatively inexpensive and are commonly used in silver jewelry stores.

2. Flocking jewelry box

The flocking boxes are all constructed with plastic as the main structure. The flocking surface makes them look more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are more upscale than paper boxes. Also be silver commonly act the role of article, gold to wait to use this.

3. Glial jewelry box

This kind of jewelry box generally USES the injection molding processing, opens the mold mass production, is generally tens of thousands of demand, mainly with flocking, also has pasted processing, this kind of material jewelry box price is the lowest, the class is also relatively is not very low, is the present majority jeweler's first choice.

4. Wooden jewelry box

Real wood jewelry box belongs to the high-end jewelry packaging, generally with real wood as the main material, spray paint treatment, many enterprises with this kind of real wood jewelry box exported to foreign countries. The batch is not big, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.

5. Glass jewelry box

Made of plexiglass, it is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion. The combination of glass jewelry box and fashion elements endows it with a strong sense of The Times and a modern atmosphere. Such boxes are usually packed in high-grade jewelry.

In addition to the above according to the material classification, and a method of classification, that is the production process, as they may be divided into two categories, one is the technology of jewelry boxes, jewelry box is a mechanism, the price difference between them are relatively good. After all, craft jewelry box is made by hand, time consuming, fine handwork, and the mechanism would be faster. Relatively sure no mobile phone production craft jewelry box to fine, so by our own needs and interests to choose.