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The reason for the offset of the printed paper in the box
Nov 26, 2018

The reason for the offset of the printed paper in the box 

Bad products are something that no one wants to encounter, but they have never been completely avoided. The appearance of the box printing is very important. Everyone should know that today, it is a deviation that affects the appearance and the position of the tissue. The deviation of the paper will directly cause the position of the box to be offset. The content in the middle is gone to the side, or the content on the front side is biased to the side.

Generally speaking, there are three possible types of offset printing on the packaging box. Firstly, because of the problem of the facial paper document, the content of the document is not placed at the time of design, or the content is moved when the document is processed. This kind of badness is generally adjusted a lot, and only the face paper can be scrapped and reprinted. Secondly, the packaging box printing factory in the position of the beer paper is not aligned, this is the beer machine master did not adjust the position on the beer, it will cause the entire sheet of paper offset, and then when the box is wrapped It is possible to position the beer against the corner of the beer, so this cannot be solved. Thirdly, the alignment of the box is not aligned, this is generally caused by manual mistakes, the number will not be much. The box that is not allowed to be packaged will also leak the grey board, which is easy to be found and can be corrected in time.