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The price of paper raw materials increase continually
May 18, 2018

The price of  wrapping paper in Zhejiang has reached 5350 yuan / ton, and the paper factories stock sold out in one day.
In May, paper factories across the country have increased their prices one after another, including white board paper, corrugated paper, box board paper and other paper prices in an all-round way, with the adjustment ranging from 100 yuan to 600 yuan per ton.
This wave of continuous price increase is regarded by the paper industry as a sharp recovery of the domestic paper market in recent ten years. Several people in the industry interviewed by journalist said that the price increase was expected, but the price fluctuation was so obvious that it was somewhat unexpected.
But in any case, with the aid of this wave of price increase, the efficiency of the paper company is getting better and better. Anyway, from the beginning of May , the price is different  everyday.
The collective price increase of food and beverage giants is 3 % - 50 %, all of which are influenced by the rising cost of packaging materials.
Whether it is wine, beverage or food industry, it is influenced by the price increase of paperboard and wrappers. Some people in the industry predict that the price increase will spread to more industries or enterprises, among which express delivery, tourism and aviation are the most likely ones.
Downstream processing enterprises also have no choice but to accept it, because it must be used. But it is the consumers who ultimately pay for it.