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The paper packaging industry the deadliest big reshuffle
Dec 14, 2016

Starting from March, artificial rose, paper prices and layers of pollution control under the weight, a large number of gift packaging enterprises ' plight. Imports and exports in the first quarter could have plummeted, and displays is accelerating domestic demand and exports shrinking, but also severed the last thought of a number of companies now.

Soon, the gift box packaging industry leading enterprise of some regional news of what had happened in succession. Jinshan xintai, yongchuan district, Southwest's largest cardboard box base company discontinued due to funding strand breaks, the national Anhui nanfeng rainbird packaging boxes top 50 green gift box packaging and WINS Dali packaging mired in mutual insurance of enterprises in chaohu Lake, Jiangsu's leading gift packaging enterprises Keat Chhon group message that came out from bankruptcy, another gift packaging group, Jiangsu Changzhou times gift box packaging for debt lead to land being seized. In addition, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai has three large foreign packaging box printing enterprises have spread news of the strike by its employees.

Gift box packaging industry is going to boil up! this is the most recent long River Delta, the Pearl River Delta boss gift box packaging industry most talked-about topic.

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