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some knowledges of gift box
Dec 12, 2018

1) gift packaging box brand planning

Brand planning refers to the process of brand positioning and planning, and the process of visualizing and differentizing the brand through the exploration of consumer demand, the analysis of competitive brands and the research on market trends, and achieving a clear brand spirit and image. Molding, ultimately generating brand value and improving the market competitiveness of customer products. Brand planning mainly includes brand core positioning and image design, brand system management, channel guidance and execution.

2) the gift box brand spread

The brand communication business refers to the company transmitting the established customer brand image to the target consumer group through means of advertising communication, public relations activities, promotion activities, etc., and finally the target consumer group forms a perception of the customer brand. Brand communication services include communication strategies, communication core concept setting, brand communication guidance execution, and stage promotion activities.

3) gift packaging integration design

The packaging integration design business is based on the characteristics of the customer's products. Based on the product positioning and product style strategy, it explores the cultural background related to the product, combines the psychological needs of the final consumer, considers the realization cost, and carries out the packaging integration design. Services include product line positioning, packaging design, process material structure development, packaging production guidance, product display guidance. The process runs from product strategy to creative design and final product trial and processing.

4) the gift box production

The packaging production business refers to the transformation of the designer's packaging design works into packaging products through the cooperation of process R&D personnel, structural R&D personnel and production personnel through the creative design solutions, process structure development, cost and quality control provided by the customers. Mass production, converting design results into actual products for customers. Mass-produced packaging products can fully realize the goal of designing works and achieve the effect of design and product integration. Packaging production mainly involves cosmetics, electronic products, alcohol, and fast-food food packaging.