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Some problems that should be paid attention to in the process of packing box
Jun 11, 2018


1. be sure to specify the size, length and width of the package, because the length and width of the customer's mouth are different from the length and width of our specialty's, so this should be especially careful. once the size goes wrong, it is useless for you to do well afterwards.
2. after defining the size, the safest thing to do is to go out of the packaging box first and insert the customer's design draft into the cutting die line after the cutting die line is available. there will be few mistakes unless there is even a problem with the cutting die line.
3. the material for printing paper can be determined according to the size of the die line. it is safest to add 2 cm to the size of the die in general, but some old drivers only add 1.5 cm. this depends on the degree of personal familiarity with packaging materials. There is also the opening size of the corrugated box. the opening size of the corrugated box is generally 0.5 cm smaller than the opening size of the printed paper.
4. printing is done after starting materials. after printing, films, light films and dummy films, gloss oil or dummy oil can be passed according to customer's requirements.
5, mounting paper, this process is prone to problems, if the glue adjustment problem, the size of the glue decided to the surface paper and corrugated degree of adhesion, glue is big, the finished product will not be hale and hearty, glue is small, the finished product will be easy to shell.
6. go to die cutting machine ( tying machine ). this process depends on master's machine adjusting skill. if the machine is adjusted well, the box will stick to the edge very well.
7, forming the adhesive box