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Reusable packaging printing scheme
Jan 16, 2019

Environmental protection can be recycled, it can be said that it is very popular nowadays, it is not difficult to see from the energy aspect. As a necessary accessory for the product, packaging is very large. Therefore, the reusable printing of packaging boxes is the direction of many packaging plants. Reusable, as the name implies, is used once and can be used for other purposes. Can make the package no longer a one-time item.

  This is also a little research on the Hongcai printing factory, so that customers do not throw away after getting the product. The first thing is to make the customer feel that the box is valuable and so that the customer will not lose it. Secondly, the quality of the packaging must be guaranteed, so that the box will not be used once. Finally, the box needs to be re-used, that is, the size of the box is appropriate and easy to open and close, so that customers can use it to install other things. The flip box and the drawer box in the gift box are more suitable, and the size is just in the right range. The customer's favorite collection of folding boxes is a kind of gift box with the effect and grade after molding, but it is so small like a card box. The folding box is the most suitable reusable box printing solution at the moment, but it is not widely used because it is expensive.

  The above is the reusable packaging printing scheme of Hongcai Printing Analysis, as well as the preconditions and requirements for reusability. I hope that I can help customers with similar needs. If you need to print the box, please contact Hongcai Printing.