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post-press processing technology
May 21, 2018

In terms of post-press processing technology, the main technical development can be reflected by the following aspects:

1. improve the gloss, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance of printed products by widely adopting various finishing processes of printed products, such as ultraviolet glazing, calendering, film coating, gluing, waxing, embossing, bronzing, punching, numbering, spraying words and the like.

2. improve the appearance and internal quality of books and periodicals by widely adopting automatic and continuous folding, page arrangement, thread locking, paperback binding, wireless binding, horse riding, hardcover, cutting and packaging equipment with high production level.

3. through a variety of packaging forming processes such as die-cutting indentation, bronzing, folding paste boxes, windowing, veneering, compounding, cutting, bag making and the like, the requirements of a rapidly growing packaging market with multiple varieties, high quality and short period can be met.

4. focus on popularizing and applying adhesive binding technology, developing and improving wireless adhesive ordering machine and linkage machine, hardcover stand-alone machine and linkage line, and automatic paper cutter.

5. developing and widely applying computer packaging design application software, computer-controlled die cutting laser cutting machine, engraving machine and cutter forming machine, focusing on improving die cutting accuracy and speed.

6. application and development of high-precision and high-speed multifunctional online production line of printing and post - printing.

7. the post-press processing equipment is developing towards automation and deep level.