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Paper-based Packaging
Feb 13, 2017

Paper and paper-based packaging are essential components of modern life .Communication , food , and consumer products are just a few of the things that are improved upon and more easily accessible as a result of paper and paper-based packaging .

Paper-based packaging is a versatile and cost-efficient method to transport , protect and preserve a wide array of items . It is engineered to be sturdy , yet lightweight , and is customizable to meet product or customer specific needs . Corrugated containerboard is used to ship and transprot everything from electronics to fragile glassware to perishable goods ; paperboard packages food , medicine and toiletries for handy storage and display ; and paper bags give customers a sustainable option to carry their purchases home .

Metting consumers' demand for paper and packaging is only possible now and in the future because of papermakers' commitment to sustainability .


Paperboard ( also known as boxboard ) is a thick , paper-based material that is generally thicker than regular paper .

It is used for products such as milk cartons , cereal boxes , shoe boxes and frozen food packaging .

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated is a durable , versatile , low and lightweight paper-based material that is frequently used to make boxes , containers , and displays .

It is most commonly made up of two smooth sheets , called "liner," with an arched layer ,called "fluting," in between them but there are may types of corrugated available , each with different flute sizes and thicknesses .

Corrugated has a great environmental record . It is frequently manufactured using high percentages of secondary fiber , including old corrugated containers , paper bags , paperboard boxes , and old newspapers .

Paper Bags 

A paper bag is a pre-formed container made from paper . They usually have an opening on one side for easy packaging .

Paper bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and exist with or without handles for carrying . Often , paper bags are printed with store and /or brand bags .

Paper shopping bags , brown paper bags , paper grocery bags , paper bread bags and other light duty paper bags are made from a single layer of paper . Other types of paper bags are made from multiple layers of paper and other flexible materials .

Paper bags are ideal as a container to hold compostable waste . They are readily compostable , as evidenced by its use throughout the country in municipal leaf  mulching programs .