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Packing element
Jan 09, 2019

Packaging elements include packaging objects, materials, modeling, structure, protection technology, visual communication, etc.

Generally speaking, the package of goods should include such elements as trademark or brand, shape, color, pattern and material.

1. Trademark or brand

Trademark or brand is the most important component of packaging, should occupy a prominent position in the overall packaging.

2. Packaging shape

Appropriate packaging shape is conducive to storage and display, but also conducive to product sales, so shape is an indispensable combination of elements in packaging.

3. Packaging color

Color is the most sales-stimulating element in a package. The tonal combination that highlights commodity characteristic, can strengthen brand feature not only, and have strong appeal to the customer.

4. Packaging pattern

The pattern in the packing is like the picture in the advertisement, its importance, the indispensability is self-evident.

5. Selection of packaging materials

The choice of packing materials not only affects the cost of packing, but also affects the market competitiveness of the goods.

6. Product label

The label is usually printed with the package content and the main ingredients contained in the product, the brand logo, product quality grade, product manufacturer, production date and expiry date, and the method of use.