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Packaging industry: competition of creative individuation
Dec 14, 2016

The saying goes, "clothes make the man, beautiful beautiful outfit", cosmetics, needs good packaging to set off, it can be said that the current product quality and packaging of the product quality are of equal importance, good products should take the custom began in the box.

Now cosmetics gift boxes customized with clothing and art design, exquisite personalized, aesthetics, creativity as well as environmental protection. Product developers are also cosmetics gift boxes customized foot work, specially invited designers to design the packaging of the product, when you want to launch, from the first glance caught the eye of consumers, stimulate the desire to buy. Packaging designed for consumer services, ranging from consumer use, like packaging design point of view the most basic starting point. Therefore, changes in consumption patterns have important implications for carton packaging designs.

What kind of products we buy, first saw is not the product itself, but the box with the product. Thus box custom plays a vital role in product sales. Human history used in the packing of plastic to ancient times. From the ancient era of primitive societies, farming, to the highly developed science and technology in modern society, packaged as humans evolved, commodities appear gradually with the development and progress of science and technology, production development, and constantly over and over again to a major breakthrough.