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making steps for gift box
Feb 06, 2019

The gift box is the main expression of gifts for relatives and friends. The gift box for work is more representative of people's minds, but making a gift box is not an easy task. To help everyone better make gift boxes, bring everyone today. Get to know the steps to make a gift box:

1. the customer designs the packaging and printing documents according to their own requirements and the advertising company, and at the same time completes the selection of the gift box materials.

2. printing. According to the required size, the thickness of the paper, the color of the print determines the printing.

3. Make a die and a crater. A good die determines the shape of the gift box, and the pit paper is glued together by special machinery according to customer requirements.

4. the appearance of printed matter. This appearance treatment is mainly to beautify the surface, with laminating, bronzing, oil polishing and so on.

5. Forming. Use mechanical, die. The gift box is die cut to form the basic style of the gift box.

6. sticky box. Just put the gift box according to the model or design style, and stick the parts of the gift box that need to be fixedly connected with glue.

As the saying goes, the ceremony is light and affectionate, but if the gift does not show the grade, we can make a gift box that reflects our own wishes. Then through the above process, everyone can easily complete the production of the gift box. If you still have something unclear, we will provide our customers with a complete product packaging solution.