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Main process of making color box
May 24, 2018

Main process of making color box

1. making documents: 

making documents and designing documents before any color box is produced and printed, make documents, design documents, design color box printing files, and at the same time complete the selection of color box materials.
2. publishing and printing:

after designing color box printing documents, they are published directly in two ways: one is to directly output CTP, but to output film. Determine the machine directly according to the color of color box printing after printing, cut the paper, and then print.
3. printing surface treatment: 

after printing the paper, the surface of the color box should be treated in various ways to ensure the durability of the color box. Common surface treatment methods are: oil polishing, film coating ( light glue / dumb glue ), uv, bronzing, etc.
4. mounting pit: 

the color box printing sheet is mounted after surface treatment, and the mounting pit is made of printed face paper + paperboard / pit paper with good surface treatment ( according to the proofing time, determine and choose materials suitable for breaking and transforming )
5. die cutting: 

first, the cutting die is made, and the cutting die needs to be determined according to the template and semi-finished products printed out. Make sure you want the knife pattern, stick the gum back and make sure that the finished product sample is correct, and then start using die cutting machine to make beer. after beer is good, you will need a lot of waste paper.
6. color box gluing / nailing: 

glue the fixing and connecting parts of color box according to the template or nailing according to the template.
7. use kraft paper / or carton to package and ship the color box!