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How to understand the slight residuals in the box printing
Nov 30, 2018

How to understand the slight residuals in the box printing

The requirements for the quality of the box are entirely based on the customer's knowledge, and the number of packages made by hand will have some defects. Half of the steps in the box printing need to be done manually, so it is difficult to control the quality. There will be some residuals, such as nail prints, imprints caused by friction, magazine black spots in the paper itself, and so on. Many of them are those that are hard to find without careful inspection. At this time, it is necessary to look at the standards of customers.

If the customer is very strict, it may be returned as a defective product, and most customers can understand and accept it. After all, the box printing is handmade, so it is very normal to have a certain percentage of minor defects. If it is a more demanding customer, the box printing manufacturer will calculate the scrap rate of this part in the cost. This is one of the reasons why high quality products are expensive. If the customer can think about it, even if the good box is in the hands of the customer, the box must not be guaranteed to be in good condition during the process of loading, packaging, and shipping to the consumer. Therefore, it is not very important to strictly control the source of the packaging box, but it increases the cost.

The slight disability mentioned above refers to the slightness that is not caused by improper technique or operation. The above analysis is for reference only. If you have special requirements for quality, please contact the packing box printing factory in advance so that the manufacturer can make arrangements in advance. If you need to make a box, please contact Hongcai Printing (www.hongcaiprinting.com).