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How to protect the gift box from damage
Jan 10, 2019

The paper product itself is a material that is more likely to be damaged, especially for gift boxes. Because of its paper material, although it can be sharp and angular, it is inevitable that it will be bumped. The most important thing about the gift box is to look good, and enhance the product's grade and mystery through a good-looking appearance. Therefore, it is very important to protect the gift box from damage. Let's analyze the work that the box manufacturer will do to protect the box.

  The first step is to make a glue process on the face paper of the box. The glue can avoid scratches, dirt and water and corrosion. This is also an important step to protect the gift box, that is, some customers require the use of special paper, the quality is very good and can also play a certain anti-scratch phenomenon. The second is to ask the staff to wear white gloves when packing the box. This is also the way to protect the gift box from scratches. The last is packaged transport, which is the most vulnerable step in the box. Generally, gift boxes that are not particularly large will be packaged and shipped in express carton, which will protect the product well. If it is a very large box, the cost of carton packaging is too high. At this time, the packaging manufacturer will first pack the paper with paper, and then ship the whole film to cover the film, which can also protect the product.

  The above is the way for packaging manufacturers to do several protection gift boxes, hoping to help everyone. If you need to make a gift box, you can contact Bolin Printing, a professional packaging manufacturer.