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How To Package A Product
Feb 13, 2017

How to package a product

Packaging a product for market is something that needs to be anticipated . Don't wait until your product is ready to be shipped to realize that you don't have the proper packaging for sending it safety and at a reasonable cost . Packaging can also influence the product itself  ( shape ,weight ,solidity) , so think about it early .

The 4 rules of product packaging :


       1. low cost

       2. protective 

       3. attractive : your packaging is your first impression . You don't want to miss it .

       4. regulations compliant

The 4 steps for deciding on a packaging ;

 1.A first good step is to do a market survey : look at what your competitors are doing (material , shapes, colors)

2.Then , choose a type of packaging supplier for a test on small quantities 

3.Find a local packaging supplier for a test on small quantities 

4.Test and tweak until you find the right fit

What types of information need to appear on a product packaging ?

Packaging is not only a box or an enclosure . Many extra information have to appear on it . Your packaging has to be "marked"(symbols like recycling or posonous) and "labelled"(text ,numbers...). Most of the information is required by law , but it varies from a country to another . The required information has one goal : informing your customer about safety , health and environment . It's important !

Don't forget : Name of your company , Name of your product , Weight or Volume , Instructions for use (including safety hazards), Country of origin .