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How to improve the moisture resistance of the gift box
Jan 18, 2019

The role of gift boxes in our lives is unquestionable, and it is a good material for packaging items. We know that the moisture in the gift box will affect the contents of the gift box, so the moisture-proof has become a concern for gift box manufacturers. So how do you deal with the problem of moisture-proof gift boxes? The following small series will introduce you how to improve the moisture resistance of the gift box.

    Apply a layer of water-repellent agent on the outside of the gift box. Apply a layer of wax emulsion on the surface of the gift box to avoid contact with moisture. Even if water drops fall on the gift box, it will not penetrate, forming a good moisture-proof and waterproof. The effect is to apply a waterproofing agent containing rosin derivative or carboxylated polymer emulsion on the gift box. This material can be compatible with the wax and can be firmly attached to the gift box for a long time without failure. This creates a long-lasting moisture-proof effect.

    1. filming skills

    The film is a commonly used decoration processing skill for pre-printed gift box paper, paper box, handbag, cover and other products.

    2. glazing skills

    Glazing is a common skill in post-press processing of packaged goods. After glazing coating, the appearance of the product can enhance the water resistance, light fastness and conflict resistance of the printed matter, together with the appearance brightness of the product, and the level of the product. Great progress.

    3. spray skills

    In recent years, following the continuous development of the market economy, the demand for coated paperboard for liquid beverages, solid frozen foods and other commodities will be more and more, and the skills of coating are becoming more and more sophisticated.

    4. wax skills

    The waxing skills of the cardboard surface are processed, the production skills and equipment are relatively simple, and the operation is very simple.

    The above is a few ways to improve the moisture resistance of gift boxes, I hope to help everyone.