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How to get the best color effect?
Jan 14, 2019

At present, the domestic printing market for the promotion of color printing products is increasing demand, which is related to the increasingly fierce market competition in today's economic society. Color printing products as a kind of propaganda and promotion effect is very good printing products favored by many business or enterprise, a lot of units will be combined with their own needs to order a lot of publicity color printing products, but most of these users for propaganda color printing products printing quality requirements higher, especially to the color effect of color printing products, but also have higher expectations.

How to promote color printing products to improve the color effect? The first line, in the propaganda page printing, must choose the best quality printing ink. Because the quality of printing ink for the publicity of color page printing products color effect effect is relatively large, in general, into the product printing ink color effect is obviously better than the domestic printing ink, so, in the choice of printing ink, must pay attention to the choice of product type.

Secondly, the publicity page printing product color effect also has certain relations with the product design. In color printing products design, be sure to pay special attention to colorific reasonable use, combined with the characteristics and needs of the user, to use color science, so as to get the best color effect, if in terms of design, colour is applied is not in place, also tend to color printing products overall colour effect has great influence.