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how to deal with the color difference of base paper surface in carton printing
May 31, 2018

The color difference between box board paper, hanging board paper, tea board paper and white board paper is relatively large. even if the same batch of white board paper or single-sided coated white board paper is processed by corrugated board lines, due to the difference in speed of the production machine and the different heating conditions of white board paper, the whiteness will also change, and the whiteness will decrease or darken. As a result, the whiteness of the same batch of products is different. however, the whiteness of the white board paper that is printed with offset press and then covered with white board paper is still good. therefore, the corrugated board processed with white board paper through the corrugated board line is preferably darker than that of offset press when printing on ink and wash press, which can improve the contrast of the printed pattern and make the color bright. In addition, even if the same variety of the same enterprise is used, different batches of base paper products of the same enterprise may have different hue differences, for example, the whiteness of common white board paper is above 75 %, and the whiteness of coated white board paper is above 75 %. However, different batches of white paperboard will show some blue and some yellow. In order to ensure the same color of the same batch of products, we should try our best to use the same batch of base paper to print the same batch of products. However, when the number of base paper in the same batch is not enough, even if different batches of base paper are to be used, the color difference between batches of base paper should also be considered, and the products printed from different batches of base paper should also be marked to show the distinction, so as to ensure that the formed products have the same color and luster.