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How to customize the carton and what we need to pay a attention to?
Jan 10, 2019

1. The most basic condition: determine the length, width and height of the carton

Generally, there are three layers of cartons, the thickness of which is 3. 5mm or so, the five-layer carton is about 7mm, so you should first measure the length, width and height of your actual item. Then add the thickness of the carton (carton height try to add 0. 5 mm). Is the carton size, the general carton factory is the default carton size. Outer box size design: the general design for the width of the data is small to save the most materials. So according to their own goods, must tell the carton factory, you said the size is the size of the outer box, or the size of the inner box.

2. Choose the material of the carton

According to the weight of their goods, as well as their own cost situation, reasonable choice of carton material, carton is made of cardboard, so need to understand the concept of cardboard, our ordinary cartons are corrugated board production, corrugated surface paper, corrugated paper, core paper, lining paper; The stand or fall of qualitative, concern with the weight of every smooth rice commonly, every smooth rice weight is heavier, quality is better also, the gram of the paper has 120 grams to weigh 140 grams 170 grams 200 grams 250 grams cent. Generally, the paper of the carton is smooth in appearance, and the hardness of the hand can be identified from the paper, and the paper of the whole market will not differ too much.

3. Selection of carton thickness

Cartons are classified according to cord-type: the thickness of cartons is generally three, five, seven and nine layers. Thickness of three layers: 0. About 3MM, thickness of five layers: 0. About 7MM, seven-layer thickness: 0. 9 mm or so. The third floor is called a single pit, and the fifth is called a double pit. Strengthen the carton thickness is the same, only hardness points.

4. Printing problems

In general, the larger the surface area of printing, the higher the cost. Of course, it also depends on the number of colors. Once the carton is printed, it cannot be modified. Therefore, we must confirm the printing content with the carton manufacturer for many times. Some small mistakes can be covered with stickers or warm water stickers with similar colors to the carton appearance, but they are not beautiful enough. Please give the most accurate printing materials as far as possible, and supervise the carton manufacturer to print in strict accordance with requirements.

5, sample box

If the intention of cooperation is confirmed with the carton manufacturer, the paper quotation and the way of cooperation are agreed, the carton factory can be required to provide the sample box, the carton template is generally not through printing, mainly to determine the paper, size and process quality.

6. The minimum order quantity

The carton factory has a minimum order quantity problem, the minimum order quantity is 30 square meters. The minimum order quantity varies from carton factory to carton factory. Generally, it is recommended to make more cartons at one time. The less cartons you order, the higher the price will be.

7. Special notes

Carton hardness: as long as the continuous rainy or wet days, even if the original very hard carton will become soft (the new order is also the same).

8. Color of carton

The color of all cartons cannot be 100% the same as that of last time. If the color requirement is extremely high, it must be communicated with the carton manufacturer.