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How to calculate the price of the box printing
Dec 10, 2018

How to calculate the price of the box printing

Many customers will ask for price first when they come up, and more and more customers are more inclined to price. Regardless of the quality of the company, the first thing is to quote first, and the price will be suitable for later communication. Therefore, the quotation of the packaging box printing is particularly important. As the business of the box printing manufacturer, the first thing to be quoting is the quotation. Below Hongcai Printing will tell you how to calculate the price.

The price of the box printing is the cost plus the profit, and the cost can be roughly divided into three parts. Firstly, the material cost, that is, the cost of materials such as paper, gray board, and internal support. Calculate the size of a box of paper and gray board, and then add the number of items to multiply the unit price is the total material cost. Secondly, the process processing fee for packaging box printing, such as beer, v tank, glue, printing, bronzing, uv, etc. Generally, there will be a boot fee for a small number of products. There are several processes directly added to the process. The number will be calculated according to the size, color and so on. Thirdly, the manual fee, the manual fee is the total cost of the final package and assembly box. Generally speaking , the price is calculated according to the box type and the size, and the price is determined by the difficulty of the box. Finally, the total price of the three is added together, divided by the quantity is the unit price of each box.