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How do I use the box sealer
Dec 28, 2018

How to install tape for box sealer


We generally use the sealing machine is also called the sealing machine or tape cutting machine. There are simple sealing machine and handle sealing machine two forms of which handle sealing machine is mainly made of some excellent materials.


Is mainly used for packing of product and the method of cutting some carton tape sealing tape and use, it including three triangle structure of a design principle of the triangle wheel, roller and the blade together these three assembly tape, and balanced and reasonable structure, can effectively reduce the friction, so that people when use can greatly improve its efficiency, so as to achieve a good feel. The blade part of the box sealing device is slightly lower than that of plastic, and it can effectively protect the blade from damage in the use process, which will greatly improve the safety in the use process.


The use of the box sealing device is actually very simple, the most important is to install the tape.


1. First, we need to install the tape tray on the tape seat of the upper and lower movement respectively, so that the rubber side faces the direction of the box;


2. Next, the side with glue on the back is circumferential to the steering wheel. After the side with glue is circumferential to the one-way copper wheel, the front and rear tape to the top line and the rubber wheel need to keep the glue facing the direction of the box.


The sealing device has a shaft for installing tape, which can rotate freely after being installed. There is a hidden blade inside the sealing device, and we can easily cut off the tape when we need it.


Seal the use of text and graphics methods


The purchase of sealing machine to pay attention to those matters


In the market of box sealing machine, the price difference between foreign brands and domestic brands is more, users should understand the differences between brands before buying, do not blindly covet cheap price or think the most expensive is the most suitable for their own. Here and we share with you in the purchase of packaging machine when the precautions.


First of all: according to their own form of box sealing machine selection. Sealing machine top, bottom sealing machine and side sealing machine two kinds. Top, bottom sealing machine is more common, the general drop - down packing method is suitable for this kind of sealing machine. Such as: bag packaging in the food industry, tetra pak in the dairy industry, tetra pak pillow, roof bag, conventional medicine packaging boxes. Horizontal push packing method is suitable for the selection of side sealing machine, such as: beverage industry can of the whole box packaging, food industry in some carton packaging.


Secondly: sealing machine size due to the sealing machine model will be different. After selecting the sealing machine corresponding to the size of the box, it is necessary for workers to adjust the height and width of the box before the sealing machine enters the secondary packaging line. This form is suitable for secondary packing lines where the size of the carton is not changed frequently. Another kind of sealing machine that can automatically adjust the height and width of the box is called automatic sealing machine. The width of the sealing box is stretched to the maximum. The worker pushes the box to be sealed through the sensor in front of the head of the box sealing machine. Through the sensor's induction, the box sealing machine automatically adjusts the height and width of the box sealing to complete the box sealing action. This kind of automatic box sealing machine is suitable for the secondary packing line with different size when the box is continuously sealed.