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Gift packaging design how to focus
Dec 14, 2016

Each gift box is not appear out of thin air, and need to understand the product before the design and ideas. A packing gift box is from immature to mature the design process, modify this process to continue or not. Gift packaging design is the core of what to consider how the two issues.

Gift packaging design is a limited screen space and design, has its limitations. In the sales process, how to make packing boxes in a short period of time perception by consumers, has its limitations. This situation requests gift packaging design can't blindly blaming, and to find the key, highlight the buy.

In gift packaging design how to focus, however, is to express the content of a feature. Or that the product has certain differences and particularities of other goods, is still used in packaging graphics visual symbols such as the culture and colors. To direct expression of the product's characteristics, or hyperbole or metaphor by means of other characteristics of the product.