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Gift packaging design
Dec 14, 2016

Gift, OK, no more important, bring it out to people is the most important thing at the moment, if you are using a plain gift box will greatly reduce the level of gift, so it is now for gift packaging design require more and more, gift box card will be of a high standard. So we understand gift packaging design standards and principles are what? little tape together below for gift packaging design standards and principles.

Gift packaging color scheme is the key, and select a Ribbon color, gold and silver belong to the Joker color; several double bow of overlapping, with gold or silver backing, most beautiful. As for the color of the Ribbon to tie the wrapping, gift boxes appear on the Ribbon is best used in wrapping paper as much as possible? color selection with the color as well. Is purple like wrapping paper, ribbons available purple and blue.

Gift packaging design should not only follow the principle, also in line with people's aesthetic, to innovation, as required. Witkey network offering packaging design, gift packaging production, cosmetic packaging design services, if you need gift packaging design, then to Fang Si package and take a look.