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Gift box making process
Dec 21, 2018

I. production process of book-type gift box (packaged gift box) :


1. Determine the design draft


2. Confirm samples and place orders for production


3. Dispatch production materials (surface paper, enclosure, internal stickers, base paper, cardboard or density board, internal supporting materials, etc.)


4. Printing bag paper and inner sticker (it is necessary to print handbag if there is matching handbag)


5. Post-production process (coating, embossing, UV, hot stamping, embossing, indentation, die cutting and other parts of the process as required)


6. Material opening of the box:


A. Paper coaming, surface paper after printing, inner sticker, panel, coaming and inner support of gray board material are cut into the given size by a paper cutter (professional large sawing material is required for density board).


B, panel processing: V groove machine V groove, sticky iron sheet


C, coaming processing: drilling machine drilling magnet hole


D. Inner support processing: after the inner support is gray board, it is necessary to die cut the gray board and then stick the cut silk cloth on it. The inner support is foam, and the cut silk cloth should be tied on the formed foam


7, veneer paper (that is, the panel paper to pay attention to the surface to scratch, the edge to wrap solid), stick stickers, mount (at the same time need to put magnets).


8. Box assembly (gluing method can be selected according to material requirements: glue is brushed on the enclosure and glue gun for assembly. Pay attention to keep the box clean during assembly to avoid the appearance of glue leakage.


9. Stick the base paper as needed. (be careful to keep the box clean)


10. Internal support (dissymmetrical upper and lower support should be placed in different directions)


11. Box cleaning and packing (the production process of the box takes some time, and it is inevitable to have floating soil and stains, so we need to finish the box cleaning)


Ii. Production process of heaven and earth cover boxes (upper and lower cover boxes) :


The difference between heaven and earth cover box and the production of book box is that the panel of package box is divided into the front face, top face, back face and bottom face of the box by V groove. The panel wraps the enclosure and forms the box, hence the name of package box. While the heaven and earth cover box, the top cover and the bottom are separate (except the upper and lower cover), the production method is somewhat different:


1. The upper cover and lower bottom of the upper cover box of density plate material shall be fixed and dried with white latex respectively. (the upper and lower cover boxes of gray cardboard can be opened with "well" v-groove, and fixed directly with tape after removing the corners)


2. Mount the processed surface paper on the top cover and bottom.


3. The upper cover is assembled by fastening the lower bottom with the upper cover (the upper and lower cover boxes of the conjoined body need to be connected with a connecting plate to form the upper and lower cover).


4, put in the support, wipe the box, packing.


Iii. Production process of special-shaped box:


Special-shaped box should be determined according to the specific box, special-shaped box is mostly the heaven and earth cover box and the extension of the package box, the production process is similar. (there are multi-angle box, heart-shaped box, round box, cone box, drawer box, multi-layer box, etc.)