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From box custom packaging machinery to improve level of enterprise
Dec 14, 2016

From packaging box custom enterprise status see, near 7,000 home enterprise in the about has 2000 home enough stable, annual has near 15% of packaging box custom enterprise production or failed, while and has about equal number of new packaging box custom enterprise into this industry; missing leading packaging box custom enterprise, years sales over billion yuan of only more than 10 home, years sales over 30 million yuan of enterprise about has 50 home. Seen from the research and product development, still remain in test generic stage of developing its own capability is not strong, research investment funds accounted for 1% sales, while developed countries as much as 8%~10%.

1, foster the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, box with customized industry to create well-known brands, is the only way of food and packaging machinery industry bigger and stronger.

Customize the box with 2, improve industrial development quality and efficiency, is the inherent requirement of transforming the pattern of economic development. At present, China's food packaging customization and packaging machinery exports are small, and 1.35 billion dollar deficit last year, shows a considerable part is still in processing and rely on cheap labor and high efficiency low, you need to go a long way. Food packaging customization and packaging machinery industry scale seems, amounted to 182.5 billion yuan last year, but the extensive mode of economic growth, low level of profits, coupled with high prices, energy shortage, environmental pressures, product original comparative advantages gradually weakened, and comparative disadvantage has become increasingly prominent.

3, strengthen the box customization of industrial generic technology research, is to promote the food packaging in China customize and package machinery industry innovation ability strong protection. According to Li Shujun, currently, food box customization and packaging machinery industry in China generic technology research and the lack of effective systems and mechanisms, a lack of overall planning and policy support. In recent years, in order to meet customized industry demand for common technology in the box, box with customized industry associations, enterprises, institutions, appeal and take active measures to strengthen the research and development of generic technologies, but limited to, institutional mechanisms and commercial interests, its generic technology research cannot scale, and the lack of systematic and continuous, the results obtained would have been limited.