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Food packaging safety first
Dec 14, 2016

Food packaging is an important part of food commodities, is the last step of the modern food industry. Packaging manufacturers are now occupy an important position in the field of food packaging, so the safe packaging materials is extremely important.

Packaging materials, process safety directly affects the quality of food, most of the materials used to package food for plastics products. Plastic products in certain media and temperature conditions, the dissolution of polymeric substances and additives, dissolved in food, thereby indirectly affecting people's health. While ink printed on the packaging security problems should not be ignored. At present, domestic use printing inks contain large amounts of organic solvents, solvents such as toluene, ethyl acetate, butanone low boiling point, high volatile toxic and flammable substances. Large amount of printing inks used in the packaging industry, directly affects the quality and safety of food in China. There are many security risks related to the food packaging industry products in China, including raw material not carefully, trim lax quality control, lack of industry standards lagging, repeated excessive packaging, and so on.

Improper use of packaging materials, is one of the important factors contributing to China's food safety, packaging boxes manufacturers need materials to work hard, be sure to use no packaging material.