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Double packaging box printing solution
Feb 04, 2019

People often say that the world box, flip box, drawer box, etc. are single-layer boxes, but some products because they are more than enough to display products and do not want too big boxes, then consider the Twin Cities box. Just like a drawer, a drawer can't fit. If it's two drawers, it's more than enough. The same is true for the double-layer box of the box printing concept. Although the customer can think of the concept of double-layer, but the specific implementation is still the packaging box printing manufacturers, below Bo Lin will explain several double-layer box solutions.

  In the last three types of box types, the final box printing factory found that the combination of the flip box and the drawer box is a very good double box. That is to say, by adding a drawer under the flip box, a two-layer box can be realized. The appearance of the box type is very good, and the utility is also strong, but the cost is relatively high. Later, the box printing factory found that the flip box was changed to a double-layer box, and there was a scheme of superimposing one layer directly on the basis of one layer, which was low in cost but not practical and not good in appearance; The change of the flip box is also changed into a box, and the solid inner page can also realize the double structure, the modified shape is good but the product must be firmly fixed to the inner support. The last one is to directly change the drawer box into a double drawer. The cost of printing the package is relatively low, but the appearance is not very good.

  The above is the four double-package printing solutions of Hongcai Printing Analysis, hoping to help everyone. If you have a better plan, please leave a message below. If you need to customize the package, please contact Hongcai Printing.