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Digital electronic product packaging and printing functions
Jan 08, 2019

The basic task of packaging and printing is to scientifically and economically complete the design, structure and decoration design of the product packaging. Although each country and region has a slightly different definition of packaging, it is based on the three major functions of packaging.

    In today's society, the packaging of digital electronic products must also have the following functions. Protection features, which are important features of the packaging of digital electronics. It is also the most basic function of packaging, even if the goods are not damaged by various external forces. Products must be transported and stored during the entire distribution process from the factory to the user. Digital electronic products will inevitably encounter vibration, crushing, collision, impact and wind, sun, rain and other damage during transportation; It is also subject to temperature, humidity and insects, rat bites, dust damage and contamination during storage. Reasonable packaging can protect the product from the natural environment and external forces during the circulation process, thus protecting the use value of the product, so that the product entity will not be damaged, lost, deteriorated and deformed; convenient function, so-called convenience function, that is, digital Whether the packaging of electronic products is convenient for storage, transportation, storage, use, etc. The packaging of digital electronic products plays a concentrated role in the interior of the gadgets. The packaging bag or the packaging carton will have clear markings on the products, which are convenient for loading, unloading, handling and stacking, which will simplify the handover of the products, so that the work efficiency is obviously improved; the sales function, the packaging of digital electronic products also has convenient consumption. And promote the role of sales. After the packaging of digital electronic products, it can be distinguished from competing products. When the products are displayed, the packaging is also a "silent salesman".

    Exquisite packaging, not easy to be copied, counterfeit, forged, is conducive to maintaining the company's reputation. Good outer packaging can often attract the attention of consumers or users, thus stimulating their desire to buy. Packaging can also receive the effect of advertising. For example, sometimes the quality and price of the same digital electronic product may be comparable. At this time, the design of the outer packaging will often become the main consideration for consumers or users to purchase products. factor.