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Classification of packaging printing
May 19, 2018

Classification of packaging printing
Modern packaging and printing are closely linked, and almost all packaging can't be separated from printing, so there are many kinds of packaging and printing products, and there are many kinds of classification methods of packaging and printing, and the following kinds are commonly used.
1. classification by printing type
According to different plate types, packaging printing can be divided into flat printing ( offset printing ), relief printing ( flexography printing is commonly used ), gravure printing, hole printing ( screen printing is most commonly used ) and other printing.
2. classification by bearing materials
According to the different kinds of bearing materials, packaging printing can be divided into paper and paperboard printing, plastic printing, metal printing, glass printing, ceramic printing, fabric printing and other printing.
3. classification by packaging products and uses
According to different packaging products and uses, packaging printing can be divided into carton, carton and paper bag printing. Plastic flexible package printing and plastic container printing. Printing of metal cans, metal boxes and hoses. Printing of glass and ceramic packages.
Trademark and label printing. Bar code printing and other packaging products printing.
4. according to the printing of packaging products surface morphology classification
According to the different surface shapes of packaging products, packaging printing can be divided into plane printing, curved printing and spherical printing.